5 Charming Design Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms

A lot of homeowners tend to struggle with decorating rooms for kids, and we can’t say we’re surprised. After all, there is so much ground to cover: how much floor space should you allot for toy storage? Is there enough room for their essentials? Can you still squeeze in a study area? Don’t fret — with a little inventiveness and a few smart design ideas, you can style a space fit for your kids’ needs! Here’s how you can get started:

1. If you have enough space in the bedroom for a proper play area, don’t think twice about going all out. Put up empty frames on the walls and display their artwork or cartoon posters. You can also create a focal point using a teepee and fill it with their well-loved toys.

Looking where to buy a teepee? You can order online via Pottly N Tubby’s Facebook page.


2. You don’t need a neighborhood playground to have a fun time. For homes with high ceilings, utilize the extra space by building a slide that lands on the kids’ bed. Consider using a brighter color scheme of yellow and blue to keep the youthful vibe going.

3. Murals are always a good idea for kids’ bedrooms! Aside from adding an interesting element to the decor, it helps younger children practice recognizing colors, too.

No need to worry if you’re not the artsy type. You can always hire a muralist to help you out.


4. Even if you’re styling a kids’ room, you can still use bespoke materials as long as you’re able to commit to its maintenance. For the girls, feel free to invest in a tufted headboard in their favorite color which they can still use as they transition to their teens. Use accessories in similar patterns too add a playful flair.

5. Since most kiddie rooms are filled with vibrant colors and prints, you can go the other direction with plain white walls and open shelves. If you want to add life to the space, do it through the decor—accessorize with stuffed animals and toys.

    Photos by Jun Pinzon, At Maculangan, Miguel Nacianceno, and Marc Jao

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    5 Restaurants for Couple Dates Under P1,000

    There are different types of couples — whether you prefer intimate dinner dates or playful bonding time over beer, there’s a perfect date place waiting to be discovered. Great dates don’t need to be overly expensive, so we round up 10 restaurants to have fun, romantic dates that won’t break the bank.

    Bean & Yolk

    Up for a breakfast date? Bean & Yolk makes hearty breakfast selections with eggs prepared in different ways. It’s a bright, airy space beside a mall but you’ll find the restaurant to be a serene, comfy place for conversations over cups of good coffee.

    For the lady: Lucy (P175) and Flat White (P150)

    For the sir: Chorizo Mama (P250) and Iced Hand Brew (P150)

    Bean & Yolk is at G/F Bel Air Soho Suites, Polaris Street, Poblacion, Makati City.

    The Wild Poppy

    The Wild Poppy is just the ticket for days when you want to chase away those rainy-day blues. This rooftop resto has vibrant, warm interiors and an indoor and al fresco seating area. It’s perfect for chill nights when all you want is to enjoy each other’s company over some quirkily named dishes like Pokpok Bites and Ping Pongs.

    For the lady: Kim and Reuben (P260) or Pad Tide (P280)

    For the sir: Shrimp & Co. (P170) or Roll chi Minh (P125)

    The Wild Poppy is at 2/F 5666 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati City.

    Happy Garden Café

    Happy Garden Café is a garden-inspired restuarant that’s all about organic, healthy food. Make no mistake though, everything on their menu is colorful (the salads, especially) and flavor-packed, including their gluten-free desserts. It’s a great place to have post-gym dinner dates.

    For the lady: Awesome Sandwich (P325) or Rejuvenated Salad (P465)

    For the sir: Serene Pasta (P365) or Immortal Main (P325)

    Happy Garden Café is at Sunshine Place, 56 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City.

    Tilde Hand Craft Café

    This café is a surprising hideaway in the middle of the city. Tilde is a modern eatery that bakes all of their bread from scratch, by hand, serving them fresh-from-the-oven (you’ll be won over by the delicious aroma way before you see the food). Indulge in their selection of homemade soups, pastas, and sandwiches.

    For the lady: Pumpkin Soup (P220) or Chili Chicken Fettuccine (P360)

    For the sir: Vongole (P425) or The Tilde Burger (P320)

    Tilde Hand Craft Café is at G/F EWC Building, 5417 Matilde corner General Luna Street, Poblacion, Makati City.

    Diner on 16th

    This retro hole-in-the-wall is a gem for fun couples; the black-and-white tiles and bright-red booths provide that neighborhood diner vibe. Have your fill of picks from an extensive menu that ranges from appetizers to gourmet chicken and waffles, rice plates to kebabs, burgers to ribs, and more. If you’re willing to splurge a bit more, play a round of beer pong!

    For the lady: Bacon Pepper Dogs (P279) or Hanger Steak (P320)

    For the sir: Bourbon BBQ Steak Kabob (P360) or Cheddar Jalapeño Burger (P250)

    Diner on the 16th is at 16 United Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

    More date restaurants can be found at Spot.ph where this story originally appeared.

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    Make a Pimple Disappear? See How One Beauty Guru Does It

    We hate it whenever we get a zit. Its ugly red head stands out, and it ruins our overall look. Thankfully, we’ve got access to the best foundations and concealers that can help us cover the blemish. The question is, do you know the proper way of applying the said products to fake a flawless complexion?

    beauty guru Tina Yong reveals her newbie-friendly way of camouflaging the pimples. She starts by applying a thin layer of pigmented liquid foundation. She then conceals each spot, and blurs the concealed zit with a sponge. And to seal everything in, she sets the whole face with finely-milled translucent powder by pressing the sponge on the skin. The result is immaculate, and you won’t find the finish cakey or thick. No one will ever know that you’ve got a blemish!

    See how it’s done in the video below:

    This story originally appeared on FemaleNetwork.com.

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    Beware of This New Text Scam

    With news of extrajudicial killings and vigilantism, scammers are using this to their advantage by capitalizing on the public’s fear.

    In a post on Facebook, a user whose friend was almost duped shared how the new text scam meant to extort victims with death threats works.



    According to the post, the scammer will first notify victims through a text message saying they were tasked to kill the victim, along with their family.

    The scammer will then send another message which details the victim’s private information such as their home address and workplace to scare them further.

    Then the scammer says he had a change of heart and would not carry on killing the victim if he was paid a varied amount which goes up to P100,000.

    The user suggested the following, to prevent being a target of the scam:

    1. Never ever expose your password.
    2. Always log out on all your online accounts.
    3. Never ever put online your personal details unless the site is reputable and heavy in security.

    This story originally appeared on FHM.com.ph.

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    Here’s What You Need To Know About Water Retention

    When you go on a diet, everyone always tells you that your water weight is the first to go, that you haven’t really lost anything, but what exactly does that mean?

    Water retention is when your kidneys hold on to the extra water in your body when they sense an imbalance. Your kidneys are responsible for making sure all the other organs are functioning properly. The water retained by your kidneys can make different body parts swell, like how pregnant women have swollen feet.

    But pregnancy isn’t the only cause of water retention. Eating foods with too much salt or sugar can also create an imbalance that can contribute to your water weight. Being dehydrated is another cause. Women retain water the most during a pregnancy, but also during the week before our periods.

    The simplest way to get rid of water weight is to drink more water! The water will flush out all the stored water and sodium, and the swelling will eventually die down. You can also exercise more, and sweat out the excess liquid in your body.

    Source: Pure Wow.

    This story originally appeared on Cosmo.ph.

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    How to Fight Adult Acne and Get Clear Skin in Your 30s

    It’s one thing to zap zits when you’re in puberty, but it’s an entirely different thing to battle acne as an adult. When you’re in your 30s, anti-aging becomes a major concern, so slathering pore-refining products may not be enough. Dermatologist Kristina Reyes, M.D. weighs in on the proper balance of age-defying and pimple-fighting skincare:

    1. Steer clear of anti-aging ingredients that may trigger acne.
    “For 30s and above acne-prone women who want an anti-aging regimen, [they] better avoid some anti-aging ingredients like topical vitamin E, jojoba oil, or other types of butters that would trigger more oil formation and clogging of sebum in the oil glands,” Reyes explains. She also advised that there are certain exfoliants, like glycolic acid, mandelic, Malic acid and azelaic acid that can purify the pores. Retinoids can help clear the skin, too.

    2. When dealing with hormonal acne, dealing with it from within is key.
    Dr. Reyes explains the case of pimples that come with Aunt Flo’s monthly visit in detail: “More than 50 percent of acne prone women would experience acne flares few days before actual onset of menstruation. This can be attributed to the low level of of female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) compared to the male hormone level (testosterone, which is a male hormone is still being produced in consistent small amounts in women) five to ten days before menstrual bleeding.

    “Usually, a woman cycle consists of 28-30 days. During the first 15 days, there would be an increase in estrogen levels and it starts to fall on the 14th day onwards until it reaches its lowest level days before the actual bleeding. Progesterone on the other hand will start to rise on the 14th day of cycle then levels will go down together with estrogen. The slight rise of progesterone during the mid cycle will trigger sebum/oil production in the sebaceous glands,while the higher level of testosterone before menses will activate the sebaceous glands to make more oil.”

    She also revealed that some lucky women who aren’t prone to having pimples can look more radiant when their period is about to draw near. On the other hand, acne-prone women will produce a large amount of thicker sebum/oil on their face that would clog the pores together with dead skin cells and bacteria. This then will eventually lead to acne flare.

    She disclosed that there are medications a woman can take to prevent this. “For hormonal acne, some birth control pills may help by increasing estrogen and negating the effects of testosterone. Some hormonal medications (spironolactone, flutamide, cyproterone acetate, finasteride, and cortexolone 17α-propionate) may also be prescribed by your doctors if the acne flares persist. But the use of this should be regulated by your doctors since these medicines are not for everyone. They have some serious side effects and your doctor will help you decide if it’s right for you and your condition,” she clarifies.

    This story originally appeared on FemaleNetwork.com.

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    These Nail Polish Markers Are Heaven-Sent for Busy Women!

    Remember back in grade school, when you’d use your school supplies to paint your nails? Coloring them in with colored markers or liquid paper felt rebellious and cool—never mind if you had to remove them right away.

    Ciaté London is touching on that part of our childhood with their newest nail polish innovation: Mani Markers. As the name implies, they’re designed to look and work like the colored pens of our youth. They promise to give you a pretty paint job in an instant—on their website, Ciaté says it just takes three minutes!


    Currently, colors include Lady Luck, a fiery red; Beauty Queen, a bright pink; Vintage Vamp, a rich plum; Role Model, a deep indigo; and Thrill Seeker, a striking teal. Ciaté’s website seems to always not have it on stock (maybe it’s that good?) though they seem to replenish regularly, according to the brand’s Instagram account.


    Here’s how easy it is to apply:


    Each Mani Marker retails for $12 (P570)—definitely not cheap, considering it only has 8ml of product, as opposed to regular ones that contain around 14ml. So we did a little snooping to see if they’re actually worth it, and came across this review on YouTube:

    It’s a little bit tricky to put on, sure, but it may still be easier than going the traditional route if you hardly have the time. If you do consider buying this, just make sure you keep it out of your children’s reach. At that price, you don’t want it to end up on your kid’s artwork.

    Would you consider buying these, or are you going to stick to traditional brush applicators and visits to the neighborhood salon? Let us know!

    This story originally appeared on Cosmo.ph.

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    Try the ‘Ube Express’ From NAIA to Commute Home

    The Department of Transportation has relaunched the Ube Express, a premium airport bus service that caters to passengers across all Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminals, GMA News reported. The Department of Transportation (DOTr), in partnership with Air 21, initially launched the Ube Express with six 45-seater interim buses in February 2016.


    The service has various stops that include hotels and business centers at the Makati business district, Roxas Boulevard, and Intramuros in Manila. Passengers can enjoy the newly purchased 24-seater air-conditioned Mercedes Benz buses complete with WiFi and CCTV security systems for a maximum fare of P300. There’s also an introductory fee of P150 for passengers traveling until December 2016. Tickets can be purchased at the Ube Express airport booths or by booking online.


    Meanwhile, ABS-CBN noted that the NAIA Expressway will be open for motorists by September 22. The NAIA Expressway will provide a direct route from NAIA Terminals 1 and 2 to parts of the south including SM Mall of Asia and the Cavite Expressway. Motorists will be charged a toll fee of P35 to access the expressway.

    Two other road-decongestion projects linking NAIA to other expressways will be completed by December and January.

    This story originally appeared on Spot.ph.

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    You Can Wear Flats to the Office and Still Look Stylish

    There’s an unwritten rule that heels must be worn to conquer the workplace. Well, you can now ditch that so-called rule. Simply take cues from these sophisticated outfit ideas, and dare to wear comfy flats to work:

    1. Play with bold colors.

    2. Pair flats with unexpected prints.

    3. Slip on strappy Mary Janes for a girly yet elegant look.

    4. Contrast fluid fabric with menswear-inspired footwear.

    5. A shift dress can look fierce with lace-up, pointed-toe flats.

    6. Combine jewel tones and bold prints for an instant luxe appeal.

    7. Put on a silk blouse to make jogger pants and loafers workwear-appropriate.

    8. Match a dainty dress with colorful flats.

    9. Tailored and well-fitted pieces are enough to elevate your look—heels unrequired.

    This story originally appeared on FemaleNetwork.com.

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